Chemistry projects

In chemistry class, occasionally we are tasked with creating presentations for the class. Most of the time, we have to make posters. Being that i was learning photoshop all year, i wanted to use these projects as opportunities to showcase my skill in graphic design.

Phosphorous Poster

With this project, we had been given a random element off of the periodic table and had to present it in some way. I was given phosphorus and decided to make a wanted poster for it. All of the details on the poster are actual facts for phosphorus and i rewrote them as if the element were a person.

Nuclear Energy Poster
  This next poster was the result of our nuclear energy unit. Due to all of the snow days, we didnt have enough time to go through the entire nuclear energy unit. We did however learn what we needed, but not the uses of nuclear energy. Therefore, we were tasked with making posters and / or presentations for the different uses and other info of nuclear energy.

Nitric Acid Poster We were tasked with finding the uses of Acids and bases in daily life. Being me, I decided to research the explosive uses of acids and bases. Above can we seen my findings and some graffics.

This is my last poster for chemistry this year. Due to the amount of stuff happening at that point in the year, i didn’t have that much time to work on this one. I wanted it to be better, but it still got the job done.