pin store

Pin store for rome

Every year, the junior class goes on a class trip to rome. To do so however, the class has to raise over $1000. We then decided to break up the class into comittees to help fund raise our trip. My comittee, the pin store, designed pins at the fab lab to sell to the students and faculty of boston prep. In the end, my pin store had raised over $400 and sold over 150 pins.  Bellow are some pins that were made.
The various pins made were:

  • 8 bit heart
  • pac-man ghost
  • Mario mushroom (green and red)
  • boston prep phoenix
  •  hello kitty
  • custom pins were and option. (orders were different sports teams, anime logos, video game logos, symbols in general)

We raised over $400 selling pins and sold over 150 pins.

IMG_7244 IMG_7246 IMG_7287 IMG_7431