Picture Perfect Story

Our goal was to create an interactive art piece that could liven up a room. the initial problem that we were trying to solve was that walls were boring. they have the same paint color for years. they leave children with nothing to look at in rooms. to fix this issue, people put art on their walls to liven up the area, but they are usually only good to look at and that’s all.  Our solution to make an interactive art piece that was able to lessen the boredom people experienced in rooms. to do so, we made a picture frame that told told a scene of the three little pigs and required user interaction to progress through the scene.


When first trying to think of an art piece, we all were trying to cater to different audiences. soon however, we all agreed to make something geared towards a child audience. With a unanimous vote around the tech center, we had decided to use the three little pigs story. After reading the many different versions of the story, we decided to make the scene where the wolf blows down the first pig’s house, the house of straw. I then drew schematics of how we might make a scene come to life on grid paper (seen above)


We went through a multitude of prototypes. Prototyping started with rapid prototyping. With random materials, we designed a really basic prototype to get an idea of where we wanted each component to be.

We learned that buttons were needed to start the program and we needed a sensor were needed to initiate the wolf’s house blowing sequence.

second prototype:

Here we had to make a slightly better prototype. The purpose was still the same to see where we wanted each component to go. I was tasked with coding the gear box to move the wolf back and forth, but I also helped Jaminson design the gearbox itself out of Legos. Thu and Simon worked on making a frame out of cardboard. After this prototype, we had a design review to show our progress on our project and ask for ideas.

Third Prototype:

We had decided to make our picture frame bigger. Jaminson and I were tasked with making a new motorbox out of acrylic and fabricating different parts of the main project. Simon worked on designing the background of the picture frame. Thu designed the other components to the project (birds, clouds and wolf).

Final Prototype:

We decided to make the picture frame even bigger. With that said, we had to re-scale all of the other components to fit the scale of the frame.

Making The Official Frame

Jaminson, Thu and I had worked on constructing a frame with the right dimensions from a sheet of plywood. We then placed the parts inside of the frame to see if everything fit. It was there that we realized we needed to move everything in the foreground more forward for there needed to be space to place the tech stuff inside. Simon and jaminson then stained the wood so it looked fancy.


I had already coded the wolf to move whenever a button was pressed. What was left to code was the house blowing up as the wolf blew. We had decided that we wanted to use a wind sensor to be our input to trigger the house moving. Using a wind sensor would require the user to have to blow the house with the wolf.  Thu was in charge of the coding while I designed the house motor box.

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