MNE 111 – Flywheel

Insert stuff about flywheel here.

Second semester of my freshman year in college, my intro to mechanical engineering class was tasked with designing a flywheel. The wheel had to be designed in solidworks, a 3D cad software, and was then 3D printed in the schools Idea Studio. The goal of the project was to design a flywheel with certain dimensions that also held the same mass moment of inertia as the “original flywheel”, a square flywheel that was cut out of a sheet of acrylic. An added challenge was to make the flywheel move air in one direction.

Being the most confident in my group with using solidworks, I took the lead in the wheel’s main design. Pictured bellow was my design process.

  • Our first design was of a solid disk with masked out dimensions. I then cut out flat spokes inside of it to move more mass towards the outside of the wheel.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.06.36 PM

  • I then attempted to add fan blades. To do so, I had to learn how use the flex functions on solid works. bellow can be seen my best attempts.
  • With a better grasp of how to use the flex tools, I then based my design on computer fan blades, for I know they are made specifically to blow air in one directions.
  • Bellow can be seen the final product. It was 3D printed with pla filament so thats why its not as smooth. the wheel however fit all of the requested requirements and it blew air when spun.
Final product

We then concluded this project with a presentation to the class of our design process and equations.