So there comes a time in every high-schooler’s life where they are pitted against a serious question: To ask a girl to prom, or to be asked out to prom?

I ended up choosing the latter, and was then tasked with choosing the best way to do so. With wanting to make a word clock at the moment, I had decided to make a pseudo word clock thingy  (it makes sense in the pictures).

So heres how it was made



Being that i the idea started from the idea of a word clock, I used Libre Office Draw to design the face of the board. As you can see, most of the letters are “A”. I did this so i could easily tell where my intended words were positioned.

Vinyl/ Laser Cutting:

I had cut the file out 4 times on vinyl, followed by an hour of peeling out each letter (in the name of love though so it was alright. I then laser cut a square piece of 1/8th frosted acrylic. This acrylic seemed the best at diffusing the lights that I had used (which were very bright).

It was a good thing I had cut out more than one sheet of vinyl because I messed up twice with applying the letter sheet (as can be seen above). My first mistake, i believe there was just too many bubbles and i tore the sheet by accident. My second mistake was that the word sheet wasn’t aligned correctly with the acrylic sheet