Solar Powered Phone Chargers

While at the Tech center, a small group of youth teachers and I were asked to mass produce solar charger cases for a client. The issue was however that her design was way too complicated, and required screws to hold it all together. I decided to redesign her box so that it could be press fit together (be put together without glue or screws). in doing so, the boxes more compact and we were able to cut more with each sheet of weed and acrylic. my friends and I then assembled 210 kits to be assembled for our clients program.

I do not have a picture of the final product, but seen above is the final case that I designed. on top would be where the solar panel would go, and the holes on the side is where the usb female port and on/off switch was located.

The solar chargers were being given to those in need of chargers in rural areas of the world without stable access to electricity.