Stranger Things…things

Recently, I have finished binge watching the Netflix series “Stranger things”. Immediately after finishing it, I thought that it would be nice to create stranger things themed projects. I do recommend to watch the show for those who haven’t yet.

The ideas I had are bellow, further research and planning will be on each page (soon to come).

  • Title LED glowing plaque

    A glowing plaque of the title of the show. The intro sequence can be watched here

  • Christmas lights wall poster

    Christmas lights were used for a mother in the show to communicate with her son. will, who was missing. To be honest, I might even make this a sweater or a Christmas sweater…i like the idea of a Christmas sweater.

  • Character face pins
    for the heck of it. possibly group them together depending on who they were with for the entirety of the show. maybe a “wheres barb?” pin.
  • The Upside-down poster (led’s included)

    unsure as to how this might look but i want to make something that shows the contrasted upside down (a parallel dimension) to the real world. Above is someones poster from etsy, but I might make mine with depth and led’s.