Wooden book cover V.2

(this page is a work in progress) 

One of my passions in life is photography. As of now, I don’t think i’ll be able to take a class t my school, however I’m still willing to learn it on my own time. Recently I had found a guy on YouTube who gives challenges and lessons on how to better my photography skills. His channel  name is ________. One of his series is to create a photo book with various challenges based on monthly themes. I had decided that I’ll start with my photo book, but to do so I needed to have said photobook. I originally planned on going out and buying a random notebook, but decided it was better to recreate my wooden book while I was back in Boston. 

Last time I had made a wooden book cover, the onething I had wanted to do was make it sorta modular. Pictured bellow is my second wooden book, which survived for about a year. The idea behind the book was that there would be a sheet of frosted acrylic behind the front cover and I could shine an led to illuminate the lightbulb. Sadly I can’t do that with this book cover. One thought that stemmed from the broken hinge was “why can’t I just replace the hinge if everything else is still functional?”. I decided to design this next book so that I’m able to replace the hinge needed be.